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Below you will find information about the address, phone number, and other contact information for Reading Islamic Centre (South Street Masjid).


Reading Islamic Centre, 50/52 South Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4QU


0118 9504756

Street Map:

South Street Map

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Alternate Venue:

We also use the Pakistani Community Centre for our activities.

Directions From Reading Train Station:

1. As you come out the main entrance of the railway station, you will see the taxi rank on your right and straight ahead there is a roundabout. Over this is Station Road, take this and keep going until you get to Friar Street. Once at Friar Street carry on going until you get to Broad Street.

2. At Broad Street turn left on to it and keep going until you get to the cross road. There should be a department store named Jacksons Corner on one of the corners.

3. At this point take Duke Street on your right and keep going until you come to three different sets of pedestrian lights. Once you cross these you will be on London Street. Whilst walking up London Street, take the first road on your left, as this is South Street.

4. After walking past the first cross road you will come to a second cross road and its here on the corner just before the cross road that you will find the Reading Islamic Centre (South Street Mosque).

Train Station Map

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    The Holy Quran – 41:16

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