George Owens Nature Park Independence MO- the perfect arena to reconnect with Nature

Covering a massive span of 86 acres, the George Owens Nature Park Independence MO is the destination to connect back with  Nature. This park includes lake, forests, as well as hiking trails that have been majorly left behind in its crude stage.  While the trails welcome you to take a walk, it offers you the right chance to relish the exceptional scenic beauty of the place as well.  In addition, there are 4 gigantic aquariums that houses some of the rare species from the aquatic kingdom.  So, a visit to this venue will excite you and offer you such an experience that you will recall fondly for years.

You must participate in the Full moon hike event at this venue at least once

Various events and programs are hosted at this venue, across the year. One of the most popular events hosted here is that of the Full Moon  hike.  As you can make it from the name itself, you will participate in a hiking event, hosted on one of the Full moon night, when the surrounding areas take the impression of the heaven. This will be the right opportunity to explore the beauty and mysteries in Nature, as you will move along the trail pathway, spanning for more than 6 miles.

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What are the key amenities available at the park?

If you love fishing, you will find 2 fishing lakes to pamper your passion, as the Nature explorer can indulge into exploring Butterfly garden and the outdoor nature programs that is suitable for participants of all ages. In addition, there are organized campground and you will get the necessary supports for organizing camping here. Besides, there is a picnic pavilion with a fair accommodation capacity to host picnics, parties and other events and Foundation Repair in Independence MO. To support the flocks, planning to host picnic here, there is the arrangement for the supply of fuel, power as well as water and grills.

You will not feel bored of visiting this place, as there are the games courts and playgrounds. To support the kids and elderly guests, there are dedicated activity areas as well as restrooms and equipment. Most importantly, the park administration deals with the safety of the visitors with the highest concern, and they always stay protected from any unwanted instances.

You can certainly expect for enticing rewards for your efforts to pay a visit to this venue. Likewise, you will surely keep visiting this park at the forthcoming times.

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