The ‘Muslim Youth Development Scheme,’ is aimed at providing the Muslim youth of Reading with a chance to learn, respect and share our beautiful ‘Deen’ of Islam.

This innovative new scheme aims to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of Islam in ourselves so as to develop a more tolerant, respectful and exemplary community in Reading. Through promoting ‘classical Islamic learning’ methods, we aim to promote the respect of ones fellow muslim brothers and sisters, to learn our beautiful ‘Deen’ of Islam and to share its greatness with the rest of our community. The schemes full Aims and Vision is laid out in the Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

The ‘Muslim Youth Development Scheme’ has put together a Multi-Stage development scheme, which is aimed at teaching the most important constituents of our Deen, namely:

  • Islam (Practice)
  • Iman (Faith)
  • Ihsan (Inner purification)

The above constituents of our Deen will be delivered by means of structured courses each designed to provide the student with gradual religious progression and development. A selection of the courses that will be offered are given below:

  • Ritual Prayer & Purification
  • Tajweed Ul Quran
  • Seerah of Our Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him)
  • Introduction to the books of Hadith
  • Explanation of The Quran
  • Introduction to Inner Purification (Tassawuf)

The scheme will not only focus on religious learning but will also offer lifestyle activities to develop practical and physical needs. This will be through the following lifestyle and sporting activities:

  • Sporting activities – football, badminton, fitness training and much more.
  • Day trips, educational trips to Islamic galleries, mountaineering and climbing.

The scheme is open to all the brothers and sisters of all backgrounds and levels of learning, there are no minimum requirements for entry.

All courses are free, if you would like to register your place on the next available course or activity please register your interest by emailing, with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Telephone contact number
  • Name of course/activity you would like to attend

If you would like to help the ‘Muslim Youth Development Scheme’ by becoming a volunteer then please register your interest using the email address given above.

We hope you like our new scheme and we wish that all the brothers and sisters of Reading can come together to learn their Deen and enjoy one another’s company.

All humble endeavours start in the name of Allah (The Exalted), we pray that Allah (The Exalted) supports our efforts and that we may also may become a beacon of an exemplary Muslim community, Ameen.

Courses Already Run:

Ritual Purification and Prayer
Islamic Belief
Prophetic Hadith
Tajweed (Sisters)
Ramadan Fiqh

Sporting / Lifestyle Activities:

V&A Islamic Gallery Visit

Leaflets / Pamphlets:

Islam at a Glance
Hanafi Salah

Islamic Personalities Series:

Imam Al Ghazali