Relationship between the Six Weber Genesis Gas Grill Models

Weber is known for making some of the best gas grills available on the market today. They have many unique kinds available and every kind usually comes in a couple of different models. The Weber Genesis Gas Grill line-up is among the most popular lines of gas grills. There are six distinct models to select from in the Weber Genesis line. It may be confusing to know which is ideal for your grilling needs, so here is some advice on the principal differences between those six Weber Genesis gas grill models.

The six Weber Genesis gas grill models are the S-330, E-330, S-320, E-320, S-310 and E-310. This indicates a stainless steel version. This does not just apply to your system, but in addition into the Flavorizer bars and the cooking grates. Those things are also made up of stainless steel when you decide on a model. You indicate a version with a colour selection. They can be found in black, green or aluminium. Those models have porcelain enamelled Flavorizer bars and cooking grates.

One side has thick, horizontal bars for optimum contact with food. The other side comes to a lanky, triangular point that provides minimal contact with the cooking grate for smaller objects, such as shrimp. Weber divide the cooking grate into two pieces, which not only makes it easier to remove for cleaning, but also lets you utilize both the skinny and wide cooking grate at precisely the identical time.

The features of this model do not just rest at that. There are two locking casters that keep your whole system safely set up, so you would not inadvertently make it move and cause a tragedy. TheĀ Weber premium grill also has a factory-assembled stainless steel One-Touch cleaning system in the base of the grilling bowl, which has a removable black aluminium ash catcher to keep your work area clean, the ash easily disposable, and the whole system simple to keep. The whole frame also sports a no-rust aluminium vent to permit the smoke to stray from your work place.

The S-330 and the E-330 come equipped with a side burner and a sear station. The sear station contains an additional high-powered burner that lets you quickly sear foods before transferring them to either over a normal burner or an area of the grill with indirect heat. The side burner provides a whole lot of versatility and permits you to simmer sauces or create side dishes while grilling.

The S-320 and the E-320 come equipped with a side burner but lack a sear station. The S-310 and the E-310 have neither the sear channel nor the side burner. Go to Gas Grill Reviews to learn more on the Weber Genesis line-up and all of the best brands and models available now.

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