uhf radio

Radio Full of Benefits Means UHF Radio

When it comes to uhf radio, it can be described as a band of short-range communication. In this band, the radio waves are compact which makes them ideal in tight spaces for speaking like when inside a building. For outdoor or long distances areas along walls, rocks, and trees, they are less useful. These handheld radios are being gradually replaced by radios of VHF in the field of public safety as an improvement with technology. However, several fire departments and police departments still have the field the UHF radios.


⦁ The signal can be boosted along with an external antenna. The handheld radios fail to do well in handling interference mainly on the same frequency band.
⦁ On someone’s dashboard, the mobile radios could fit and have a similar frequency scanning ability as a handheld radio. By soler activity, these radios are not affected. In almost any weather condition, they can work.
⦁ They are famous as they around a single loop antenna can be built from many inches to feet across. In case, coupled with bouncing signals off the ionosphere or moon anyone along this radio can talk to someone else on the planet’s other side.

Its usage

⦁ Choose a radio tuned to public UHF frequencies.
⦁ Choose a channel by turning on the radio.
⦁ To talk, push the transmission button.
⦁ Follow proper radio etiquette.


It can be concluded that these radios pick up radio signals along very short waves. They generally have transmitting power of four to five.

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