Wearing Make Up With Lash Extension – What to Know?

Many women do not feel a need to wear any eyeliner when they get eyelash extensions, but sometimes extra protection is needed. Truth is, majority of the makeup that you used before lash extensions will be used. But, special care has to be given to preserve the beautiful lashes. Thus, can I wear eye makeup with lash extensions? Let us know the answer below

  • Applying an eye makeup is an important aspect. Like you may already guess, it is where the chances of ruining your lash setup are most. Thus, you have to be very careful.
  • Your first step is ensuring that you do not touch your actual lashes – using any brushes, or other tools. However, as you cannot avert the step in entirety, you have to go for quality brushes that will skip loss & damage of lashes.
  • Best quality brushes make sure smooth and precise application when gliding through a skip and thus preventing damage to your lashes. They are simple to manipulate over your eye area as well as for better experience.
  • Invest in the high quality magnifying mirror. It can greatly help in the precise application of the eye makeup. You can ensure that you will go smooth as well as slow over your lashes if you have got to do.

Final Words

Wearing an eye makeup without the eyelash extension is simple. However, when you get the lash extensions, you have to be careful about products that you use and application or removal to make sure that your lash extensions will last for 3 to 4 weeks without coming out. Suppose you are eyeliner-enthusiast, then you may keep on applying this to enhance the beauty of your eyes after getting the lash extensions.

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