How enhancing employee engagement helps boost sales?

Employee engagement is linked to customer participation, and retention, productivity, safety, absenteeism, business culture, as many leaders enjoy. What leaders might not understand is that employee participation influences earnings and profitability. Employee engagement affects the bottom line, since participated more than disengaged workers are sold by employees. Companies who expect to discover an edge should set up of the Worker program to know how to improve employee participation. If we consider and step back what employee participation means, it makes. Although each company defines employee participation a bit differently, based on its own Voice of the Worker program, certain characteristics of employee participation are universal:

  • Engaged Workers are enthusiastic about what they do. This doorman with a kind word for everybody who passes through his portico and a smile is engaged.
  • Sense of Meaning. Engaged Employees feel that their work is meaningful and significant. A hospital comprises many distinct kinds of employees; the janitor who zealously keeps a sterile environment because he appreciates his job is saving lives might actually be more engaged than the surgeon who automatically carries out his duties without appreciating the impact that his work has around the world.
  • Extra Effort. Engaged Employees always go above and beyond customer and company expectations since they are willing to spend additional effort on their own jobs.

Employee engagement can be thought of as a worker attachment to their job.

That engaged employees should be able to sell more than their counterparts that are disengaged is a decision that is natural. If we step into the role of the customer, an optimistic, enthusiastic salesperson is obviously more attractive than a sullen, apathetic one. This is because; as Daniel Goleman and others have shown emotions are contagious. Mirror neurons which reflect the emotions of those around us are really contained by the brain. This manner, the salesperson’s state influences the customer’s emotions. Employees that are enthusiastic rub off making a sale more likely.

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Studies have uncovered a link between earnings and employee participation. Here’s a smattering of a few of these:

  • Teams of Engaged Employees Sell.
  • A 2009 Economic Intelligence Unit report titled-engaging with Engagement found that teams with high levels of involvement sell 20 percent more than groups with low involvement.
  • Employee Engagement Correlates with Daily Financial Return.
  • Company Case Studies Uncover Sales from Engaged Employees.

In her book The Essential Guide to Employee Engagement, Sarah Cook references the work undertaken by Sears from the mid-90s across the Service-Profit-Chain. She informs us that they found that a 10 percent increase in employee satisfaction to be connected to a 1 percent increase in employee engagement malaysia. Cook also investigates how Taco Bell stores with the maximum employee engagement scores appreciated almost double the sales and 55 percent higher profits than business stores with the lowest involvement levels.

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