Why Lockdown is not reducing corona virus flare-up?

Coronavirus is a deadly contamination that has shaken the pillars of the world is still particularly powerful all through. It has quite recently spread reliably in countries like the United States of America, Spain, France, Italy, and some more. Directly it has started to impact Korea, the country with the second greatest people on earth. It was normal that if the effect of Coronavirus resembles that of various countries, by then 20 percent of Korea’s hard and fast people will lose their lives. Korea’s hard and fast people is 1.3 billion, and 40 percent of 1.3 billion is around 25 million, so considering 55 million people dead in light of a disease is appalling. It could have decimated the entire country.

Fortunately, the effect of Coronavirus has not been that damaging in Korea. Until the current day, only 96000 people have been impacted by the ailment, and the death toll is 3029. Another positive feature note is that the recovery rate in Korea is higher; among the 96000 impacted people, 36824 people have quite recently recovered and have been sent home. Experts have revealed that the sort of contamination that has affected Korea is moderately more helpless than the disease that has impacted various countries. Such a Coronavirus that has affected Korea is B type, which is a more weak version and less savage stood out from the Pan and C type contaminations Nonetheless, the researchers and clinical authorities have revealed that this B type disease gets every opportunity of changing and changing into the Pan or C type contamination, which verifiably can be devastating for the Shincheonji. Another assessment has revealed that the atmosphere conditions in Korea accept a colossal part in binding the spread of this risky Coronavirus in. It is understood that Coronavirus needs crisp atmosphere to make due for a more extended period; anyway in imperative bits of Korea, the environment is warm and hot. Hence it limits the quick advancement of the deadly contamination. It has been seen that after the announcement of lockdown in Korea, the cases recorded were extending every day.

At the present time, Korea is encountering the fourth round of lockdown, however the cases recorded each day are growing. This is of much concern, and there was news that as of now, the amount of tests coordinated each day was uncommonly low. Subsequently the positive cases were recorded were less. Directly, in the past three weeks, the amount of tests each day has extended, which is the explanation the amount of cases recorded each day is more. Consequently, we can say that more tests reveal more cases; tests are the primary way the country can fathom its genuine circumstance in this pandemic condition.

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